IWFFAlogotrasnparentThe IWFFA is a union of  women’s and girls’ flag football teams, leagues, and individual players from around the world. It is an organization run by women.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all females regardless of race, nationality, age, skill level, economic status or sexual orientation to enjoy healthy competition, have fun, develop teamwork skills, learn fair play, good sportship, create new teams and unify exiting teams and leagues to help grow and organize the sport.

Our goal is to promote the educational process, assist our players  through our tournaments, trainings, clinics and promotional tours to build self-esteem, confidence, enhance leadership skills to better compete in the business and political world to one day have peace and to professionalize the sport of flag football for women.

The IWFFA ranks teams internationally and offers flag football education and clinics around the world, including regions where the sport does not yet exist. We also offer scholarship funds to underprivileged teams so that they may compete in IWFFA tournaments.

  • Melisa Cox – “A LOT” Women Flag Football Team – Utah – USA


    I have always loved watching football and now I have the opportunity to play it as well! I love the camaraderie that I have with my teammates and even our opponents!I love how inclusive the IWFFA is!

  • Bekky Valenzuela – Girls Division – Key Largo Tornadoes, Florida – USA

    I think the IWFFA tournaments helps girls compete in flag football, which I believe is amazing since they do not have another option to play at. Key Largo girls really enjoyed the Kelly McGillis competition and did very well at it. Key Largo School has very good talent and so those the rest of the other girls teams. It was fun to watch them play.

  • Trinity Andrade (mom) – Girls Division – Big Pine Key, Florida – USA

    My children participate in many activites. IWFFA is by far our family favorite. It is so much fun for everyone and my daughter looks forward to it every year! We love IWFFA!

  • Kaylynn Kowatch (mom) – Girls Division – Key Largo Tornados, Florida – USA

    The program is a great resource for young girls to participate in a team playing activity and receive most needed exercise

  • Naima Thomas (mom) – Sugarloaf Girls, Florida – USA

    Positive coaching , great atmosphere

  • Gabi Oliver – Blue Wave Women Flag Football Team – USA

    IWFFA holds their tournaments with class and it is such a pleasure to play and and be a part of each tournament.

    I think it is awesome what Diane (president)  is doing to spread the love of flag football.

  • Hadeer Ayman – Cairo Warriors, Egypt

    IWFFA Flag Football Clinics & Kelly McGillis Classic:

    Thank youuuu soo muchhh for every single moment we had in this epic experience!
    If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have learned the tons of new things we did

  • Wenke Breistein – Oslo, Trolls

    Kjære IWFFA

    Takk for at du har brakt flagg fotball til Norge. Det er en spennende sport som alle kvinner kan delta i uansett alder.
    Treningene har vært morsomme og det har vært en fin måte å holde seg i form.


    Dear IWFFA

    Thank you for bringing flag football to Norway
    It is an exciting sport which all women can play no matter how old you are.
    The trainings have been fun and healthy and great excercise to keep fit

  • Gabriela Jiménez – Copanecas Flag Football Team

    Since I started training with IWFFA I gained discipline, good physical condition and have met many extraordinary people through sport.

  • María José Eguigure – Honduras

    I encourage people to be part of IWFFA and play for a better life.

  • Angel Robinson – Wellfleet, MA Recreation

    We had the Women’s Flag Football Association at Wellfleet Recreation today.  They did a clinic for ages 5-7, 8-10 and 11-14. The clinic is free.  It was very organized and the campers loved it.

  • Eggar Paolo Gomez – Honduras Panteras

    IWFFA..... thanks to you, for teaching and sharing all your wisdom for flag football in Honduras.

  • Dear IWFFA

    "Bonnie and I both thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our time with the girls. We can see that they are tremendously empowered, both the young ones and the older ones, by the honor of playing in your esteemed Kelly McGillis Classic tournament.

    We got to mix in with dozens of them and that was a wonderful experience, including of course witnessing their skills and passion on the field.

    You clearly dedicate every ounce of your energy to the players and we very much admire you for that.

    Thanks so very much for treating us with great respect.It was an experience we will remember"

    - Diana Nyad - World record holder for women's distance swimming

  • OLGO

    Barbarians #25  on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "Muchas Gracias por todo por dedicar su tiempo para cada una de nosotras espero recerese pronto la esperamos."

  • Stefani Godsey


    "Each year I have been involved the IWFFA has improved drastically on all fronts."

  • Bresley Godoy

    QB 12 - Barbarians on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "Thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate it. We are Barbarians."

  • Eva Hammer


    "Hei IWFFA! I am back to work, and it sucks...... I would rather be in Denmark "playing" flag football. I really enjoyed the weekend of flag football in Denmark, we had so much fun. Getting introduced to this sport has been great... THANK YOU IWFFA! HA DET BRA!"

  • Leticia Linares

    Barbarians on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "Con la visita de IWFFA, me di cuento el esfuerzo que an logrado crecer los equipos a nivel mundial. Este deporte a cido una bendicion en mi vida."

  • Miv Delgado

     Queens, New York USA on IWFFA ORGANIZATION

    "I just wanted to say I think it is wonderful how far you have come with the IWFFA.  I always knew you would keep the sport going and introduce Flag Football to the next generations.  I am very proud to see that you have accomplished your goals with IWFFA.  Keep up the good work and good luck. Thank you for all your hard work ."

  • Briseida Beltran

    Mustangs on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "On behalf of the Mustangs, we want to thank Diane and the IWFFA for coming to El Salvador and to share your knowledge and experiences to all or our players. This week has been amazing and we look forward to have you back. Our Women Kick Balls!"

  • Eileen Grant


    "Dear IWFFA, I want you to know how much I admire and respect your organization.  It amazes me that the IWFFA has so much drive and energy. It has just occurred to me that the IWFFA has been organized since the 90's and still going strong!   It is a beautiful thing to watch women go all out for their dreams.  There will be a professional women's flag football league one day... it is coming.  You are making it happen."

  • F. Regina Martinez

    Amazonas on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "Gracias por su visita por el apoyo y por apoyarnos en este sueno."

  • Stacy McCain

    Mother - Key West, FL USA on GIRLS FLAG FOOTBALL

    "Hey IWFFA: Just wanted to say it was a great experience for my daughter to play on her team: Key West Handbags. She participated in her first ever flag tournament. I have nothing but compliments for the event & organizers who were class acts.  I am so happy my daughter was part of your program and look forward to next year!"

  • Maria Elena

     El Salvador - Barbarians on Women's Flag Football

    "Es un deporte que no tiene fronteras y al practicarlo con dedicacion se puede no solo crecer como deportista, sino como persona."

  • Veronica Coto

    Valkirias on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "Thanks for everything the IWFFA has done for Salvadorian Women!"

  • Nicole Herbert

    NJWFF - New Jersey, USA on Forward Pass Magazine

    "Some of the Forward Pass Magazine articles are FANTASTIC and very human, thought provoking and I loved them!"

  • F. Kayla

    El Salvador on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "Now I know, aveces solo se necesita un pequeno impulso para logras cosas grandes, tu lo turiste y gracias por hoy tan nos ese pequeno impulso a nosotras, a mi. Espero vente pronto y te prometo grandes historias!"

  • Jen Servey


    "Hi IWFFA. I just wanted to say how much fun I had playing flag football at the festival!!  I really, really enjoyed it immensely."

  • Juan Carlos

    Coach Mustangs on IWFFA Promo Tour 2017 - El Salvador

    "IWFFA: was a pleasure to have you here with us. We hope to have you here often to learn. You were amazing, we will miss you. Please think in El Salvador as your other house."

  • River Warren

    RE: IWFFA Flag Football Clinic 40th Michigan Women's Music Festival

    "It was a unique experience at Fest. I didn't think there was going to be as much instruction and drills as there were. I thought we would show up and play football with some flags around our waist and call it a day. It was nice to learn the basics and start from the ground up, making sure everyone was on the same page. I had played on a coed team before and was pretty much just thrown into the game with little to no instruction. I appreciated the time and dedication that was put forth in teaching us the fundamentals."

  • Kristina Brown

    Norristown War Eagles - Pennsylvania USA on IWFFA ORGANIZATION

    I am a proud participant of the IWFFA. I like the aspect of organized football for women.  IWFFA allows women to participate in and exhibit their love for the game of flag football without having to expose their bodies.  The ref’s are professional and excellent teachers of the game!  The teams that participate are cordial and make IWFFA fun. Allowing individual participation along with team participation also adds to this atmosphere of unity. 'I am a proud participant of the IWFFA." 


Welcome to the IWFFA

Welcome to the International Women’s Flag Football Association, otherwise known as the IWFFA !

We invite girls and women from around the world to join us. We have been promoting,  organizing and uniting female flag football players, teams and leagues from around the world since 1995.

There is more work to be done to take the sport further. If you would like to join us contact: IWFFA@IWFFA.COM

Best regards

Diane Beruldsen
President IWFFA

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