“Women Should Rule Their Own Sport”


Our IWFFA clinics and speaking engagements

are offered to females around the world

as part of our outreach program to help grow the sport


Our Clinics Can Help:

Start up a flag football team
Start up a flag football league
Support your existing team
Support your existing league
Teach how to Coach Flag Football
Teach how to Officiate Flag Football
Schedule a speaking engagement



Player Clinics Coaching Clinics

Train absolute Beginners to Highly Skilled Athletes

  • Ages: Pee Wee 3- 6 yr – Girls 7 – 11 yr – Juniors 12 – 15 yr –

Young Women  16 – 17 yr – Women 18 and older (no age limit)

Women should coach Girls Flag Football

  • To become role models for our young, and seen as leaders.

Our clinics emphasis on finesse and strategy

  • Good ball playing and to educate the player to make smart decisions out there on the field
  • Proper techniques for handling the ball, play calling, huddle formation, kicking, punting and all demensions of the female game

Women should coach Women’s Flag Football

  • Never hang up your cleats.
  • Stay involved and give back to the sport by coaching a women’s team. Women have different styles, attitudes and flavor when they play flag football.
  • Develop and highlight the female style of playing flag football.

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Officiating  Clinics

Click here if you are a female official wanting to officate in our IWFFA tournaments

Click here if your interested to learn how to officiate

 Become an Official !

The IWFFA encourages female flag football players to know how to officiate the sport. Knowing how to officiate, makes female athletes better flag football players. Female referees can be seen as leaders and  are a positive role model for our younger players.

Our organization offers any female who would like to learn how to officiate to join any of our IWFFA Officiating Clinics.

These Officiating Clinics are free to our members and are offered around the world.


In our IWFFA tournaments you are welcome compete as an athlete and then officiate when your team is NOT playing.


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Schedule a  Speaking Engagement

for your group,  team,  league

to learn  about the history of women’s flag football, current events and the future of the IWFFA professional women’s flag football league


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