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Summary of IWFFA Rules

The IWFFA has modified it’s own rules through the years to play the game the women & girls want to play to make the game more exciting for our players.

Suggestions to modify any rule, email (IWFFA@IWFFA.COM) our office no later than November of each year.

Field Dimensions: 100 yd x 50 yd width which includes two 10 yd end zones on each end.

Field marked every 10 yds.

EZ / GL / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 30 / 20 / 10 / GL / EZ

IWFFA Official Rules.
Complete set of rules for IWFFA.

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  • 8 players on field
  • 4 downs to gain 10 yd for 1st down
  • Center and Two Guards are ineligible receivers
  • Blocking between shoulders and waist
  • Down field blocking allowed
  • Field goals, extra point kicks and punts are allowed
  • Fake kicks and defensive rush allowed
  • Defensive line may rush QB as soon as ball is snapped
  • Defense may line up just behind the point of ball nearest them
  • We play with muffs
  • No helmets, no fumbles, no pads, nor tackling  allowed.

From 3 yd – pass or run or kick – 1 pt
From 10 yd – pass or run or kick – 2 pts

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