Flag Football is a sport, and tournaments create a more competitive environment for teams to strive to be number one, or the athlete whose nature is to achieve the highest status to measure personal performance.
We use a ranking system to compare whether it be team, or individual for social fun or competitiveness .
We rank teams to mark history for the history of female flag football players and teams.
Another purpose to rank teams on every level, is to help organize the sport as the IWFFA works to professionalize women’s flag football.
We admit, that by appointing any certain system, it may become vunerable to unfairness and turn out not to be the best system to use.
We have made changes through the years and are always open to comments and suggestions.
Our goal is allow teams to see how they perform against all the other teams around the world and in their own countries.
In 2002, the IWFFA adopted a system which was suggested by Stephanie Vigneault of Montreal Canada, who thought it more fair to allow teams the ability to accrue points during tournament competition. So far, we feel that this system offers the best method to rank teams and we continue to use today.
Sanctioned IWFFA Leagues may include their final league results to be included in our team ranking system
As the IWFFA brings under it’s umbrella sanctioned leagues, we  incorporate those leagues whose rules differ from the IWFFA 8 on 8 semi – blocking and rank according to that flag football style of play.
We encourage teams and leagues to join the IWFFA
It is IWFFA tournaments and sanctioned leagues which the IWFFA will scout for professional players.



 Following a  sanctioned IWFFA tournament, or final season results of sanctioned IWFFA leagues, and for each year from January to December

teams accrue points according to the number of games they have won or tied:

First round of  Tournament play, and during regular league season play, teams receive these amount of points:


2 pts for each win
1 point for each tie
0 point for each loss
Play offs receives 3 pts for each win
Final Tournament and League Results:
Championship teams  receives additional 3 pts
1 point awarded to each team that participates in a tournament or league play


Each win = 2 pt. / Each play – off win = 3 pts. / Each tie = 1 pt / Loss = 0 pt / Champion teams = additional 3 pts

Total number of tournaments points and sanctioned league points will be tallied and used to rank among other IWFFA Teams.



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