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“The IWFFA provides the opportunity for all females regardless of econonomic status to enjoy healthy competition, have fun, develop teamwork skills, learn fair play, and good sportship”

                                                                                                                                         – IWFFA Mission Statement

Since it’s inception, in 1997 the International Women’s Flag Football Association has sponsored hundreds of  groups and teams around the world. 

In an effort to  raise  funds to  support teams, the IWFFA  founded in 2009  it’s “Team Owner” program.

Local businesses are invited to sponsor a team and  become an official ” Team Owner”

The program is very affordable and once initiated into our “Winners Circle”

a Team Owner becomes a member for life

These Team Owners help support not only their local  teams and players, but allow the IWFFA to further assist other groups in other areas.

With the current economy  we ask for  your help by becoming a “Team Owner”

“Team Owners are Winners”

If you are interested to become a Team Owner
Email the IWFFA for more information


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